What is Drive In Drive through Pallet Racking?

Drive-in racking is the simplest and best reasonable high-density storing technique. It is included of multiple racks with a sequence of lanes retrieved by forklifts to deposit or retrieve pallets. Compared to conventional pallet racking, this key notably increases storage volume.

These racks can have two configurations: drive-in (pallets are loaded and unloaded from the similar working aisle) or drive-through (pallets are loaded through the front aisle and unloaded through the rear aisle).

How Drive-In Racking & Drive in Drive through Pallet Racking Works

Pallets are stored on ability rails that are attached to uprights and are retrieved by a lift truck. The lift truck drives into the system with the capacity elevated to the height of the rail and spaces it in the designated storage location.

Drive-In Racking

  • Lift truck loads and unloads by entering through the front and backing out
  • Designed for last-in, first-out inventory
  • Proposals higher density but lower selectivity than drive-through rack

Drive-Through Racking

  • Lift truck can enter through together ends of method for loading and unloading
  • Designed for first-in, first-out inventor

Main Features of Drive in Drive through Pallet Racking

  • Drive in Drive through Pallet Racking systems have a number of choices to aid in safe, efficient storage and distribution of produces.
  • Uprights located in parts of high traffic can be recessed, mentioned to as cant-back style, to lessen the likelihood of forklift impact.
  • Floor-mounted guide rail and rack-mounted rub rail can also be included for further protection.

Is a Drive in Drive through Pallet Racking System Accurate For Your Procedure?

  • In order to be sure that drive-in or drive-through racking will benefit your warehouse processes, you must understand the type of product flow this scheme needs to function correctly. 

  • The low discrimination of these racking systems makes them ideal for storing large amounts. Products such as same produces, products with long life spans, and products that require large, one-time moves.
  • Storage of products that need large, one-time moves.
  • Due to the high density these rack schemes offer, they are actual helpful for cooler or freezer storing. Since coolers and freezers are luxurious real estate, getting the maximum out of these parts for storage and competence is high importance. It is an exceptional choice for this.
  • Drive in Drive through Pallet Racking can also be used to store unpreserved items that are rotated rapidly.

Advantages of Drive-In and Drive-Through Racking

There are many leads to applying Drive in Drive through Pallet Racking into your warehouse. Take the following advantages into consideration to decide if it may be the top choice for you.

  1. Highly customizable
  2. Wide variety of heights and depths
  3. Includes option for both FIFO and LIFO
  4. High density, increases warehouse space
  5. Decreases storage expense of frozen/chilled goods
  6. Decreases stocking and picking time for bulk items of the same SKU
  7. Can be designed for specific pallet types
  8. Easily deconstructed and reconfigured if needed

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