Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-Tier Racking systems are engineered, multi-level systems that offer high density storage and allow for many personnel to be involved in the picking process at all levels.

Warehouse catwalk systems integrate pallet rack with decking, bar grating, stairs, and other components to help expedite the picking process.

  • Pallet drops:
    pallet drops are platforms located on each level of the catwalk system. Pallets are placed on this platform by a lift truck so that employees can load products on that level of the system from the pallet. The picking process works the same: products are loaded onto a pallet from the upper levels of the system and then retrieved by a forklift for distribution. The pallet drop typically has a safety gate to ensure employees can’t fall from the pallet drop area.
  • Conveyor system:
    a conveyor system can be integrated into the catwalk system to transport products to and from the upper levels of the system.

Advantages of a Warehouse Multi-Tier Racking System

A warehouse Multi-Tier system offers many important advantages to a distribution center’s operation, including:

  • High selectivity. Can be accessed by multiple employees at once. This can often eliminate ‘downtime’ during the picking process.
  • High density. Utilizes the full vertical storage space of your facility.
  • High throughput. A catwalk system can be integrated with conveyors
  • Reduces lift equipment costs. Lift equipment is often not needed, or not needed to the extent of an operation using a one-level rack system.
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