Cantilever Racking Why Should Industries Adopt Them?

Cantilever Racking Systems are a must-have industrial storage racking solution for various industries, not only in Chennai but also in other parts of India. This storage system offers exemplary flexibility in the warehouse. Although they have distinctive similarities to conventional pallet racks, cantilever rack systems have significantly more storage capacity than the latter. These racks consist of horizontal beams or arms attached to vertical beams, which are securely bolted to the base. Typically, cantilever racks consist of three components: a vertical arm, a support arm assembly, and a support arm assembly.

Vertical arms consist of vertical columns and a bolted-on horizontal base column. There should be at least two vertical columns to create a storage compartment. The swing arm brace assembly is the main component of the cantilever rack system. Straight arms, hairpin holders and angled arms make up the arm brace. The tie rod assemblies form a horizontal truss system that helps carry axial loads in addition to the usual bending and gravity loads much more comfortably.The modular design of the cantilever rack allows for easy expansion depending on the size of the repository. The rack is also equipped with a forklift to easily move goods off the rack. The ability of these accessories to easily accept heavy loads is very advantageous.

What makes cantilever industrial shelving unique?

As material handling industries are trying When trying to create standard-sized pallets, varying product sizes made the task tedious. to follow the standard storage size pattern. The concept of a standard pallet was quite contradictory until the advent of cantilever racks. Arm racks are a great solution for products with unique sizes and weights.

Versatility is what differentiates arm racks from other types of racks because they can be Easily configured to meet different needs. These racks can accommodate materials of different lengths and, thanks to their unique composition, can make storage locations easy to use. Racks can support up to 20,000 lbs per arm. It’s no surprise that the racks are sturdy enough to accommodate bulky and heavy non-standard products with ease. The cantilever rack’s transparent support makes it easier for workers to locate and retrieve products faster. Easy loading and unloading functionality makes the cantilever system one of the most useful storage racks in the industry.

Large horizontal space makes handling clearances easy, while also making the area Compact enough area. The front columns can also be removed for additional storage space. Unlike standard pallet systems, the efficiency in handling and storage makes cantilever racks affordable compared to other products. Learn more about the different types of cantilever racks available in Chennai.

Advantages of Using Cantilever Racking

Specialized warehouse equipment known as cantilever racking offers a space-saving storage option for a broad range of long, heavy objects, including timber, steel sheets, PVC pipes, couches, and end tables. Its high weight capacity and even weight distribution mean that cantilever storage is designed for medium to heavy-duty applications, ideal for awkward materials.

Cold storage facilities, furniture delivery centers, and plumbing supply warehouses are common locations for industrial cantilever racks. They are also excellent storage options for outdoor applications like lumber yards, shipping yards, or overflow areas that need to store heavier materials.

Advantages of Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are a useful addition to any warehouse configuration that can expand storage capacity. Even though their main purpose is to hold a variety of big, heavy, awkward, and long items, they also offer other advantages that improve the efficiency of your warehouse.

  •  Accommodates high capacity requirements
  • The gold standard for storing heavy loads
  • Increases vertical storage capacity
  • Adjustable and customizable

Key Components of Cantilever Racking Systems

The structural elements and arrangement of cantilever racking determine its weight capacity and capacity to keep inventory securely. When constructing a cantilever racking system, whether light, medium, or heavy duty, there are a number of important factors to take into account, such as:

  • Cantilever bases
  • Vertical uprights
  • Arms
  • Braces

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