Medium Duty Racks

Medium Duty Racks

Medium Duty Rack that are perfect for manufacturing as well as warehouse applications. Owing to better strength and strong construction, the medium-duty rack is widely used in factories, retail outlets, museums, archives, etc. The extended range is built with the aid of growing technology and by using rustproof raw ingredients.

Our Medium Duty Rack is globally praised for accurate dimensions, corrosion protection, and superior finish. Furthermore, our experts guarantee that only quality assured medium-duty rack are developed at customer’s assumptions within the stipulated duration.

Medium-Duty Rack is a durable, strong, adaptable, and cost-effective shelving system that reduces lost space from uprights making it suitable for a large array of storage applications in institutions, offices, archives, and retail outlets. Functional, strong, high capacity storage, medium-duty rack are suited to all usages where space is a bonus and can be installed for even higher density storage.


  • Long span warehouse
  • Multitier racking
  • Associates for Medium Duty Racking System


  • Accessible in a wide range of sizes and duties for load capacities from 600 – 2000 kg per level.
  • Load/unload the goods manually without any automatic equipment due to the presence of Long span shelving system.
  • Can Stock goods right from the smallest components to the large and rigidly shaped item and can be customized as per the specific demands of our clients shaped.
  • Pressed formed profile for a solid build.
  • Guarantees flat surface and good load carrying ability due to Press formed deck panels.
  • Provide better strength and stability as it is treated chemically, for degreasing and derusting, using hot phosphating method.
  • Guarantee the fine finish and continued rust-free life, even in the wet zones due to the Optional powder coated body.
  • Easily configurable to meet the necessary load volume and handling conditions.
  • Flexible beam levels for varying item sizes.


  • A medium-duty rack system is a cost-effective solution to correctly utilize the accessible spaces and to have immediate access to all stored goods. the medium-duty rack system is proper for small and medium-sized goods ranging from 500kgs to 1400kgs based on the number of shelves system used.
  • Also, it is available with a wide category of lengths, depths, and heights hence; it will meet all your storage needs. All these blueprints offer consumers many benefits, including getting a safe medium-duty rack system, a lifetime product and easy-to-move product from one place to another
  • This medium-duty rack product is defined by its easy assembling and installation consequently; the user can move it anywhere easily and can decrease the required workforce

In the fast-paced world of logistics and storage management, having the right storage solutions can significantly impact operational efficiency. Forca Storage Equipments, a leader in the industry, offers a versatile and reliable Medium Duty Storage Rack designed to optimize warehouse space and enhance storage capabilities. Let’s explore the features and advantages that make Forca Medium Duty Storage Rack a preferred choice for businesses aiming for efficient storage solutions.

  1. Versatility in Design: Forca Medium Duty Storage Rack is designed with versatility in mind. It can accommodate a wide range of goods, making it ideal for storing medium-weight items such as boxes, cartons, and smaller pallets. The adaptable design ensures that various types of products can be stored efficiently in the same rack system.
  1. Space Optimization: The Medium Duty Storage Rack from Forca maximizes warehouse space effectively. By utilizing both vertical and horizontal space, businesses can store a significant quantity of goods without compromising accessibility. This optimization is particularly valuable for warehouses with limited floor space.
  1. Adjustable Shelves: One of the standout features of Forca Medium Duty Storage Rack is its adjustable shelves. The racks can be customized to accommodate goods of different heights, allowing for efficient space utilization and eliminating wasted vertical space. This adaptability ensures that the storage system can be tailored to specific inventory requirements.
  1. Durability and Stability: Forca Storage Equipments prioritizes durability and stability in their Medium Duty Storage Rack. Constructed from high-quality materials, these racks are built to withstand the rigors of daily warehouse operations. The stable structure ensures the safe storage of goods, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring the longevity of the storage solution.
  1. Easy Assembly: Forca Medium Duty Storage Rack is designed for easy assembly and installation. The user-friendly design and clear instructions make it convenient for warehouse staff to set up the racks swiftly, minimizing downtime and allowing businesses to resume their operations promptly.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in Forca Medium Duty Storage Rack is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their storage capabilities. The durability of the racks ensures a long lifespan, offering excellent value for money over the long term. Additionally, the space optimization features contribute to cost savings by maximizing storage efficiency.
  1. Enhanced Organization: With Forca Medium Duty Storage Rack, warehouses can achieve enhanced organization of their inventory. The adjustable shelves and easy accessibility make it simple for staff to locate and retrieve items quickly, leading to improved efficiency in inventory management and order fulfillment processes.

In conclusion, Forca Storage Equipments’ Medium Duty Storage Rack stands as a testament to their commitment to providing innovative and reliable storage solutions. By choosing these racks, businesses can optimize their warehouse space, improve organization, and enhance overall efficiency. Forca dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted partner for businesses striving for excellence in storage management.

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