Cage Pallet

Cage Pallet

A steel pallet with four legs, cupped feet, a solid base, and enclosed sides made from heavy-duty steel mesh.

Cage Pallets are superb for protecting easily-damaged goods during storage and transportation. They are primarily used for storing heavy duty and bulky items, including finished products, components, offcuts and waste materials. They’re also ideal for small, loose, and irregularly shaped objects that could easily slide off a flat pallet.

Benefits of cage pallets:

  1. These versatile mesh-sided steel containers are popular across every industry requiring strength and resilience in its storage solutions.
  2. Each pallet cage we stock is built to withstand tough outdoor conditions, rough handling during transit, and general wear and tear.
  3. The mesh infill sides allow for easy product identification, and half-gates offer easy access to contents when the pallets are stacked.

Types Of Cage Pallet


Cage pallets offered by Forca Storage Equipment are innovative solutions designed to streamline storage, transportation, and handling of goods in industrial and warehouse environments. These cage pallets combine the advantages of pallets with the containment capabilities of cages, offering a versatile and efficient system for storing and moving various items. Here are the key features and aspects integral to Forca’s Cage Pallets:

  1. Durable Construction: Forca’s Cage Pallets are crafted using high-quality materials such as robust steel or durable, lightweight aluminum. This construction ensures the pallets’ sturdiness, resilience, and ability to withstand heavy loads and rough handling in diverse industrial settings.
  1. Collapsible Design: Some models feature collapsible sides or foldable construction, allowing for space-saving storage when not in use and facilitating efficient return logistics by reducing empty space during transportation.
  1. Customization Options: These cage pallets offer customization options such as varying sizes, mesh configurations, removable gates, or adjustable shelves to accommodate different types of goods, ensuring adaptability to specific storage and transportation needs.
  1. Versatility in Applications: Ideal for storing and transporting goods in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and logistics operations, Forca Storage Equipment Cage Pallets are suitable for a wide range of items, including loose goods, small parts, Box, and irregularly shaped products.
  2. Efficient Handling and Access: The open mesh design allows for easy visibility of stored items, facilitates airflow, and enables accessibility for inventory checks and picking, enhancing operational efficiency.
  1. Stackability and Nestability: Some designs feature stackable and nestable configurations, optimizing space utilization during storage and transportation, thereby minimizing storage footprint and maximizing efficiency in supply chain operations.
  2. Durability and Maintenance: With durable finishes and coatings resistant to corrosion and wear, Forca’s Cage Pallets are designed for longevity, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring prolonged service life even in demanding industrial environments.
  3. Safety and Security: Certain models come with safety features like locking mechanisms or reinforced corners, ensuring the secure containment and protection of goods during handling and transportation.

Forca Storage Equipment stands as a trusted supplier and manufacturer of Cage Pallets across India. Their extensive network ensures the availability and timely delivery of these innovative storage and transportation solutions to various industries and businesses throughout the country. With a commitment to providing durable, customizable, and space-efficient storage solutions, Forca’s Cage Pallets have become a preferred choice for optimizing logistics and material handling operations nationwide.

Forca Storage Equipment: Your trusted supplier and manufacturer of Cage Pallets in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Haridwar, Mumbai, Nashik, Delhi, Surat, and Kanpur

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