Platform (Industrial) Trolleys

Platform (Industrial) Trolleys

Platform Trolleys and Flatbed Folding Trolleys are designed for easy transportation of heavy and bulky items where carrying over such a distance would be unsafe or strenuous and excessive. Taking the strain out of hard work is our complete range of ergonomically designed Platform Trolleys available in a variety of finishes such as Steel, Albumin, Powder Coated, Galvanised. 

Ideal for transporting light to medium loads, we offer trolleys for indoor, outdoor, industrial and agricultural use with a number of design formats including flatbed, single sided, double sided, three sided, four sided, steerable and ‘balance’ Trolleys in a range of capacities.

  • Strong, heavy steel tube construction made for tough, everyday use.
  • Platform trolleys are super tough, heavy-duty trolleys that are equipped with a single push handle, this is an ideal platform trolley for the office, factory or warehouse.
  • Mobile on 2 fixed & 2 swivel non-marking 100-200mm

Platform industrial trolleys offered by Forca Storage Equipment are integral solutions designed to facilitate efficient material handling and transportation across various industrial and commercial settings. These trolleys are engineered to meet the demands of diverse industries, ensuring durability, versatility, and adaptability in handling heavy loads and facilitating streamlined operations.

Forca Storage Equipment proudly serves as a prominent supplier and manufacturer of top-quality platform industrial trolleys across India. Their extensive range of trolleys caters to diverse industrial, commercial, and logistical needs, offering robust solutions for efficient material handling and transportation. With a comprehensive distribution network spanning all over India, Forca ensures widespread availability and prompt delivery of their high-performance platform trolleys to various industries and businesses. Whether for warehouses, manufacturing units, distribution centers, or other operational environments, Forca’s platform industrial trolleys stand out for their durability, versatility, and adaptability, making them the preferred choice among customers seeking reliable material handling solutions nationwide.

Here are key aspects and features integral to Forca’s platform industrial trolleys:

  1. Sturdy Construction: Forca’s platform trolleys are constructed using high-grade materials such as robust steel or aluminum, ensuring structural integrity and the ability to withstand substantial weight capacities, ranging from light to heavy-duty loads.
  1. Variety of Designs and Sizes: These trolleys come in a range of designs and sizes, including platform sizes, handle configurations, and wheel types (fixed, swivel, or lockable), providing options tailored to specific load handling requirements and workspace constraints.
  1. Customization Options: Forca understands the need for tailored solutions. Thus, their platform trolleys offer customization options such as adjustable handles, foldable platforms, removable side rails, and additional attachments to accommodate different cargo types and sizes.
  1. Versatile Load Capacities: Forca’s trolleys are engineered to handle various load capacities, from light-duty transport for small items to heavy-duty applications suited for transporting machinery, tools, or bulk materials within factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and more.
  1. Maneuverability and Stability: Equipped with high-quality wheels, these trolleys ensure smooth maneuverability, even in confined spaces or over uneven surfaces. Some models feature wheel locks or brakes, ensuring stability during loading, unloading, or stationary use.
  1. Ergonomic Design: Forca prioritizes user comfort and safety by designing trolleys with ergonomic handles, facilitating ease of pushing, pulling, and steering, thus reducing strain and minimizing workplace injuries.
  1. Durability and Maintenance: With durable finishes and coatings, these trolleys are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and wear, minimizing maintenance requirements and ensuring prolonged service life, even in demanding industrial environments.


  1. Safety Features: Some trolley models may include safety features such as non-slip platforms, corner bumpers, or safety rails, enhancing load security and ensuring a safer transportation process.
  1. Compliance and Quality Assurance: Forca’s platform industrial trolleys may comply with industry standards and undergo stringent quality checks, assuring customers of their reliability, safety, and adherence to regulatory requirements.
  1. Application Versatility: These trolleys find applications across a spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more, catering to diverse material handling needs efficiently.

Forca Storage Equipment’s platform industrial trolleys stand as reliable and versatile solutions for businesses seeking robust, customizable, and efficient material handling and transportation equipment, enhancing productivity and workflow across various operational environments.

Forca Storage Equipment: Your trusted supplier and manufacturer of platform industrial trolleys in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Haridwar, Mumbai, Nashik, Delhi, Surat, and Kanpur

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