Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking is a system where the pallet racks are placed on chassis or mobile bases guided through fixed tracks on the floor.

The base of this type of racking is equipped with an electrical motor and remote push-pull elements allowing the racks to move along the tracks in order to open only one forklift access aisle.

Mobile pallet racking is a high density storage system, providing simple access for conventional forklift pallets. Its versatility permits its adaptation to both the load type and the type of forklift.
A series of technical and organizational protective measures are in place to ensure that the movement of the shelving does not pose a risk.

The features of the AR Mobile racking system make it the ideal storage system for cold storage and deep-freeze units, thanks to the reduction in the total volume to be cooled.

With the Mobile Pallet Racking system, shelving units become more compact and their storage capacity considerably increased. All this without giving up direct access to any item in stock.

The shelving units are installed over guided mobile bases that slide laterally, thus eliminating the need for aisles, which open up only when accessed. The operator gives the order to automatically open the unit, either by remote control or manually by flicking a switch.

The mobile bases have motors, sliders and several safety systems to guarantee a safe and efficient operation.


  • Optimal system for cold stores (both refrigeration and freezer types).
  • Increase in warehouse capacity.
  • Elimination of individual access aisles.
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