Mezzanine Racking System

Mezzanine Racking System

Creates Additional, Modular, Multi-Purpose Storage Space Mezzanine Floor System is a quick-to-install modular interlocking system aimed at achieving additional space for storage or office in a cost-effective way. This system can expand the storage area without the need for any additional material handling equipment.

This solution takes a standard load up to 1000kg/m2 and span of 5000mm.

  1. Best Suited for
    – Creating additional space
    – Enabling modular and multi-functional space
  2. Features
    – Economical compared to concrete construction
    – Highly portable
    – Free standing and easy to install in existing buildings
    – Available with either metal or wooden flooring
    – Non-permanent structure      

Forca Storage Equipments versatile mezzanine made of high-quality components create additional storage spaces in an already existing or brand new installation. Accessories such as stairs, hand rails, vertical lifts, gates, and security cages improve safety and facilitate product flows from one floor to another. Our wide range of sizes, flooring types, and constructive systems mean your mezzanine adapts to your specific business needs.

Forca Storage Equipment introduces innovative Mezzanine Racking Systems designed to optimize space and elevate storage capabilities for diverse industries. Our Mezzanine Racking Systems are engineered to efficiently utilize vertical space, providing additional storage areas within existing facilities without the need for major structural changes.

 Space Optimization and Expansion

The Forca Mezzanine Racking Systems offer a cost-effective solution for maximizing available space. By utilizing vertical space effectively, these systems create additional storage levels within warehouses, manufacturing plants, or distribution centers. This space expansion facilitates better organization while allowing businesses to accommodate growth without the expense of relocating or expanding the facility.

 Customized Design and Versatility

Our Mezzanine Racking Systems are highly adaptable and customizable to suit various storage needs. Whether it’s for storing inventory, archives, or creating additional office space, Forca’s systems can be tailored to fit specific requirements. With flexible configurations, different shelving options, and structural designs, these systems offer versatility for diverse industry applications.

 Structural Integrity and Safety

Forca prioritizes structural integrity and safety in every aspect of our Mezzanine Racking Systems. Built with high-quality materials and robust construction, these systems are engineered to withstand heavy loads while maintaining stability. Additionally, safety features such as railings, gates, and non-slip surfaces ensure a secure working environment for personnel accessing the elevated storage levels.

 Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

By creating additional storage space, Forca’s Mezzanine Racking Systems contribute to streamlining workflow and improving operational efficiency. The increased storage capacity allows for better organization of goods and materials, facilitating easier access and retrieval. This efficiency enhancement translates into smoother logistics and faster order fulfillment processes.

Forca Storage Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Mezzanine Racking Systems across India. Our innovative systems optimize vertical space, providing cost-effective storage solutions. Customizable designs suit diverse industry needs. Contact us for efficient and versatile storage solutions nationwide.


Forca Storage Equipment’s Mezzanine Racking Systems offer a practical and efficient solution to optimize space utilization and storage capacity within existing facilities. With a focus on space optimization, customization, safety, and workflow efficiency, these systems are designed to meet the evolving storage needs of businesses across diverse industries.

Forca Storage Equipment: Your trusted supplier and manufacturer of Mezzanine Racking Systems in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Haridwar, Mumbai, Nashik, Delhi, Surat, and Kanpur

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